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Guide to the Finest Sheer Curtain Fabric

Color, pattern, texture – modern sheer curtain fabrics are found in an abundance of all of these!

Sheers Curtains with draperies and top treatment

No longer are we stuck with plain old sheers – unless of course, you want to be. Plain sheers are still a great accompaniment to drapery panels. Plain sheers will not distract from the heavier, more dramatic fabrics used for the draperies. Or as in the photo above, the delicate patterned sheer coordinates splendidly with the drapery and valance.

Sheers on their own do a terrific job of filtering harsh sunlight, give a soft flowing feel as they frame the window, and create some privacy while still allowing the light to pass through.

Tied back sheer curtains beside a fireplace

Sheers can be crafted and installed in all of the ways that custom curtains can be. Sheer curtains can have grommets or rings, be gathered, tabbed or pleated, and they can be attached to a traversing rod as well. The style of the mount depends on your personal décor and the function of the sheers. Are they just beautifully framing and softening the window or are they needed for privacy and light filtering?

Either way, you will have lots of fun trying to decide on a sheer or semi-sheer fabric given the thousands of choices we have today. There are wonderful subtle textures and patterns woven within the fibers themselves or some sheer fabrics have embroidered patterns. The colors are great too – soft ivories, creams, and pastels – and below you will even see some deeper toned sheers in black. Here is a semi-sheer panel in a powder room in brown:

Brown sheer curtain fabric panel with jute swirls

Sheer Curtain Fabric Examples

Let’s take a look at some of sheer fabrics from our friends at RM Coco in Missouri – This first grouping of fabrics all have some sort of lines:

RM Coco sheer curtain fabrics with lines

Next we gathered some RM Coco fabrics that have leaves and swirl patterns:

RM Coco sheer curtain fabric with leaves and swirls

Here is traditional plain sheer fabric and crinkled:

RM Coco sheer curtain and crinkle sheer

And finally, some textured sheer fabrics from RM Coco:

RM Coco sheer curtain with texture fabrics

The fabrics can be woven of different fibers to create different looks. A lot of the sheer fabrics today are man made polyester, a traditionally more flame retardant material, but sheers are also made with linen and cotton.

We gathered some decorator sheer fabric samples from Lafayette Interior Fashions in Indiana. This first grouping shows sheers with texture:

Lafayette textured sheers curtain

The next group of Lafayette’s sheer fabrics are ones we picked with accents –

Lafayette sheer curtain fabrics with accents

And our last group shows a bit of color variety:

Lafayette sheer curtain fabrics

If you are thinking about adding sheers to a window or changing your current sheers to a more updated fabric, Kim would love to show you some of the samples we included here and many more. All you need to do is call 513-398-5798 or email klyon@windowaccentsinc.com for a free in home consultation –     sheer simplicity!


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