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“Living Coral” is the color of the year for 2019. Perhaps you’ve already noticed it in clothing and accessories. And it can make a big splash in living spaces through paints, fabrics, and accents.

“Living Coral” is orange mixed with a generous amount of pink. Some of the words the Pantone Color Institute used to announce Living Coral as the 2019 color are “vibrant, mellow, warm, comforting, spirited, engaging, playful, nurturing.” That’s quite a resume!

I’ve watched the colors change for 20 years as the institute has named the color that will influence product development and purchasing decisions for a variety of industries. Home furnishings, packaging, industrial design, and fashion have all taken up the colors. Past selections have included bold colors—think Ultra Violet, a lime Greenery, Turquoise, and a golden Mimosa—and some pastels like Sand Dollar, Cerulean Blue, and Rose Quartz.

Bring “Living Coral” into your living space to add some playfulness to your surroundings and some nurturing to your spirit.

Bring the Uplifting Warmth of the “Living Coral” Color Indoors

You don’t have to paint the walls or recover the couch in Living Coral to use it in your home. This vibrant color is a great accent to the neutral colors found in many homes. Look for ways to bring it into your living area through curtains, area rugs, and throws. Smaller objects can work as well—a vase, a painted basket, a Living Coral woven tape to replace the tiebacks on your curtains, an objet d’art on the coffee table, some added fringe on a pillow. For a bolder look, create a collection of throw pillows in coordinating patterns of Living Coral.

This 2019 color of the year really brightens a space when paired with sunrise colors of hot pink and gold. For a child’s room, adding bright blue, purple, pink, lime, and raspberry will wake them up in the morning in time for school. I can see it in almost any room in your home with royal blue, olive, bright yellow, and light aqua. The possibilities are endless!

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Explore Living Coral and the past colors of the year.