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It’s April – No Fooling – it’s finally Spring!


It’s early spring and not consistently warm yet but there are lots of things that we can get started on now to be ready for the warmer weather ahead and get us out of our cold weather blues.

We are going to use the word SPRING to help with our list.

So to start us off –


Special Projects

Spring cleaning is such a broad term and such a huge undertaking when you are talking about the whole house, so it’s a good idea to break it down into smaller parts. Make a list of special projects to do that are different from your normal routine cleaning. One we readily think of is cleaning the window treatments. There is a whole blog on the subject – click here to read more.

You can plan to do one special project per day or per week, depending on the size of the project and on the estimated time it will take. We all usually feel better when we can cross items off our list. (Have you ever done a task that wasn’t on your list and then wrote it down on the list, just so you could cross it off?)




If you have items in your closet or in your drawers such as an older pair of boots, an old jacket or sweater, that you didn’t wear all winter long, bag the items up and donate them. Someone is sure to use them next winter and they are just taking up space. De-cluttering our closets and drawers makes us feel organized, calm and ready for spring.




Now is a great time to get all of our machinery ready to use – tune up the lawn mower, make sure there is line for the trimmer, check and clean the grill, have the AC serviced, and uncover the patio furniture to make sure it’s all in good shape and doesn’t need any repair. And that leads to the next letter –




Walk around the exterior of your home and inspect everything. Make a list of items that need cleaned, repaired, sealed, etc. and make plans to get it done.  This may mean making appointments for professionals, so this is something to get started on right away.

workers to make needed repairs



New accents around the house will add the feeling of renewal and optimism. You can change out some artwork, add some colorful throw pillows, put out some brightly colored linens in the bath and in the bedroom, and add some fresh light scents of the season with candles and potpourri.

fruit for a new scent of spring



Go green with the addition of plants on the mantel, the windowsill and side tables. Emerald green was the Pantone color for 2013 representing hope, balance and harmony. Bringing some of the great outdoors into our home also renews are sense of oneness with nature.

Go green by choosing to recycle, making your own non-toxic cleaning products, cutting back on paper product use or on electricity by hanging clothes to dry.

new green leaf of spring

These are just a few ideas to help get us ready for the delightful months ahead of warmer weather and sunshine. While you are spring cleaning and getting ready for the much anticipated warmer months – if you find yourself needed some new window treatments, pillows, bedding, patio cushions or draperies – give Kim a call 513-398-5798 or email

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