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A grommet is a ring of plastic, metal or rubber that is inserted into a hole through fabric, metal, wood or composite material and secured with a back collar to keep it in place. Grommets are found on common items like shoes, tarps, flags, sails, grommet shower curtain, belts, custom curtains and draperies.

When used in shoes and other applications where their size is small, they are also called eyelets. Today of course we will be talking about grommets for custom curtains and other decorative items in your home.

gold grommets on white rod for custom curtains

We use grommets on custom curtains panels for our clients that like a more modern look. The panels slide across a pole for easy light and privacy control. Grommets come in different sizes and also different shapes.

Here are some of the shapes and colors from our friends at the Rowley company –

Rowley Round Grommets for custom curtains     Rowley Plastic Squares for custom curtains                                  Rowley plastic triangles for custom curtains    Rowley metal squares for custom curtains

Rowley square grommets on panel for custom curtains


Grommet for Custom Curtains in Decorative Ways

Grommets can also be used in decorative ways as well. Here is a photo of a cornice board using large grommets for decorative accent. A piece of cowhide was inserted into the center of the grommet to go along with other cowhide accents in the room –

Kim's cornice with cowhide in the grommets for custom curtains

More decorative style grommets are now available too. Here we have Rowley’s and then Aliexpress

decorative grommetdecorative colors


The folks at Rowley have used their grommets to enhance the lead edge of custom curtain panels –

Rowley grommets on leading edge

And then grommets were used to enhance the pillows in the room as well. What a fun look –

Rowley grommets used on pillows

The Rowley company has developed a twist on the grommet called a Grom-A-Link. This great idea allows you to attach a baton to the inside or outside of the end of your curtain panel to adjust them along the pole. You can also use a Grom-A-Link to attach decorative details, trim or a scarf to your custom curtains. And when the Grom-A-Link is inserted on the backside of the fabric panel, you can add a small bead chain to control the pleating of the custom curtain. These options are due to the small hole that is at the bottom of the Grom-A-link that is added to the grommet before the collar is set in place and secured. Here is what the Rowley Grom-A-Link looks like and the colors available –

Grom-A-Link    grommet with baton attached

Rowley even has a video demonstration explaining the uses of the Grom-A-Link on YouTube. Click here to view.

If you like the idea of using grommets to enhance the decorative items in your home, we have samples for you to see and feel.

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