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Adjust-A-View corded operationArch windows are a beautiful architectural feature in the home. They do, however, pose a great dilemma when there is a need for privacy or light control. While there are a few products on the market that offer some flexibility in opening and closing a shade, none compare to the degree of adjustability of the Adjust-A-View moveable arches by Omega.

The arched shade actually uses two fully functioning shades that operate independently, offering a full range of motion and light control options. With a cord on each side, it is simple and convenient to select just the perfect angle, or none at all.



Adjust-A-View partially openAnd since we have been talking lately about motorization, we need to mention that the Adjust-A-View is of course available in a motorized version as well. Each side can operate independently or you can choose to operate both at the same time by simply touching buttons on the remote.Adjust-A-View closed