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Black & White, the Ying & Yang, the opposites, the highest contrasting colors – we love them!

Traditional black and white designs include stripes, houndstooth, chevron, plaid, zebra, polka dot, checkered, links and of course, the cow print:

traditional black & white designs

Oh, we love color too, but the basics are so useful, so easy to put together – packing a wardrobe of black and white clothes makes it so easy on a trip – just mix and match and have more outfits without taking more clothes. The White House Black Market is a popular woman’s clothing store with only black & white items – great idea.

Any color can be added with black or with white or with both of them, and that additional color really pops and adds pizazz. Here are some examples of that in the living room and bedroom:

Black and White Decor with Pop

White indicates pureness, perfection, wholeness and completion. As white is the sum of all colors, of light, this makes perfect sense.

Black is thought of as mysterious, secretive, hidden, and dark. This also makes perfect sense as black is the absence of all color, the absence of light.

Ansel Adams is a famous photographer known for his work with light – beautiful landscape features in black and white. Each photograph has perfect tonal balance, the dark and light elements each having equal share of the space. This could be why the traditional combination of black and white fabric designs, have a timeless appeal, their balance.

Now let’s take a look at some whimsical decorator fabrics in black & white:

Whimsical B & W fabrics

Some of our customers like this combination as well. First we have a sitting room with additional pops of color and then a close up of a drapery and rod in black & white:

Sitting Room in black & white with color


Black and White drapery with rod

This Roman shade at a trade show uses a band of fabric in black & white:

Roman shade with black & white banding

If you had black & white décor in your home, just think about how fashionable you could be when the Pantone Color of the Year is announced – all you would have to do is add some additional accent pieces in that color and you would be up-to-date and trending every year, never bored and balanced with a pop 🙂


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Living room and bedroom photos from Your Design Partners, Color in Design, IOMetro