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Best Window Treatment Colors for 2018

Everyone loves neutrals. They get along with everybody, are easy to live with, and they’re easy to decorate around. But I find more and more customers lately telling me, “I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of gray.”

For a long time, “neutral” meant beige. Then grays became popular for neutral tones. Now the neutral color is “greige, ” a rich, versatile color created by adding gray to beige. It works in both cool and warm color schemes.  The mix of beige to gray in your greige is what determines how cool or warm it is.

window treatment colors 2018

These neutrals are all beautiful. But even with greige, people still feel they are drowning in neutrality. Humans crave color and I’m delighted to see this reflected in the fabrics my customers are choosing. Their background colors are still neutral, but my customers are adding some wonderful rich color accents.

Accent Pillows Can Add Color

Accent pillows and throws are a quick and easy way to add some colorful fun to a neutral room. We can also help customers add color by recovering seat cushions, creating a new bedspread, or installing a new shower curtain—there are options for any room you’re working in. But my favorite way to add color and excitement is with new window treatments. We get new fabric books every month and there are hundreds and hundreds of bright fabrics to choose from. Colorful options are also available in window blinds, shades, and shutters.

2018 guide to window treatment colors

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