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Today’s topic is bedding.

Some folks may get confused when we start to discuss bedding because of the different terms for the items that cover your bed. Men usually have more of a problem with this, and many jokes have been made on TV shows referencing their lack of knowledge about duvets. So let’s simplify a bit:

First, on top of the mattress you should have a mattress cover or pad to protect the mattress. Then the next layer is usually a sheet (fitted or flat), followed by a top sheet and then a blanket. Covering the blanket is a large cover that covers the top and all the way down the sides of the bed and is known as the Bedspread:

A type of bedding - Bedspreads

Let’s add a bit more complication with the addition of a bed skirt –

Bedskirts - bedding to cover the box spring

A bed skirt is a piece of the bedding puzzle that goes on top of the box spring and reaches to the floor. It adds interest, character, more pattern or color, as well as serving a useful purpose – hiding what is under the bed! Bed skirts can be very tailored or very ruffled and feminine as you can tell from the various types above, fitting into your bedroom décor. When you use a bed skirt, the need for a Bedspread that reaches the floor, becomes obsolete. Now what do we select as a cover if we aren’t using a Bedspread – a Duvet, a Coverlet, or a Quilt?

A Coverlet is a light cover that covers the top of the bed and goes partway down the sides. This type of bedding is easy to put on, making the bed easy to “make” in a short time. Coverlets were traditionally woven of two fibers on a loom, one wool, and the other either linen or cotton.  They were used in addition to the blanket to add another layer of warmth. Today, a Coverlet can be made of a variety of fabrics and is very similar to a Quilt.


Quilts are like the Coverlet in terms of the way they fit the upper section of the bed and are easy to maneuver. Quilts have a thin layer of insulation between the top and bottom fabrics and are mostly known for their tightly sewn pattern of stitches. Quilts can be simple blocks, geometric shapes or free form patterns known as Quilt Art, that are a very colorful and decorative style of bedding.

Quilts - top layer of bedding

A Duvet is a much more loosely quilted and is filled with down, feathers, wool, silks, or synthetic fibers. The Duvet is bedding designed to be more insulating for cooler climates as well as replace the many layers of blankets and covers, to just the one. We often use the word “comforter”, as we would Duvet. Now, there is a Duvet cover, which is a fabulous item. The Duvet cover is like a pillowcase for the Duvet. It has buttons, snaps or a zipper to allow for the insertion and removal of the Duvet. The cover can then be laundered far more easily and frequently than the Duvet itself, which usually must be taken to the cleaners due to its size or materials.


Watch this video to learn more about custom window treatments for the bedroom:

Which ever style of bedding is right for you and your décor, Window Accents can help select the right design and fabrics to make your bedroom a truly relaxing and enjoyable spot to come home to.