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Whether to add color to the room with your custom curtains is a big decision.  It depends on the mood you want to set for the room.  When this client first starting considering curtains, she thought she wanted red.  Her home is a fabulous older home in Hyde Park with great architectural features.  We were looking at the living room and adjoining dining room.   They are not extremely large rooms and there are 5 windows and a door in those 2 rooms.

Pleated custom curtains on RingsThis is the family’s main living space, so it has also has a lot of furniture, and we were talking about adding quite a bit of fabric.  We decided that red custom curtains would close in the room and make it feel much smaller.  We elected to go with a beautiful golden fabric that blends with the paint color.  By doing this, the rooms actually appear larger.  The fabric has tiny muted flecks of red and green, giving it great depth of color.  These custom curtains are intended to be fully functional so they can close to keep the cold out in winter.  The homeowner was thrilled that her rooms were so much more cozy without being overtaken by the fabric.  She said “I love them, and I am so glad I didn’t insist on red!”