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Cuff Top Valance

Without a doubt, the most popular valance with my clients is what I call the “cuff top”.  You can see several examples in my photo gallery.  These can be made with contrast lining so that the cuff adds an interesting design elelment.  They can also be installed on different types of hardware, which changes the look dramatically.  You can see photos of them installed on knobs, poles, boards, or larger holdbacks.  Use your imagination and design away!  Shown here is the most recent one we installed for a new client in Liberty Township, OH.  Notice how we took a plain, rectangular window and added interest to it, just by raising the treatment in the middle.  This definitely grabs your eye when you walk in the room, and draws your eye upward, making the room appear larger.  Even though many clients are choosing the “cuff top” design, no two are alike………..custom!