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For the house proud homeowner custom curtains are one of the easiest ways to showcase an individual style, and the choices available range from the ultra luxurious to the very simple. However, it’s sometimes not the cost of the material that is used for the curtains, but rather how that material is used that will contribute to both the aesthetic appeal of rooms, and also to how effective the curtain is at creating a welcoming ambiance.

Factors in Choosing Curtains Cincinnati

There are numerous types of curtains and the choice made by the homeowner will depend on a variety of factors, including cost of material, the fabric itself, color and how the curtain is hung, as well as the suitability of the style for the room.

So what are the most popular choices for curtains that will really make every room in the home welcoming and stylish, here are a few options for the proud homeowner.

#1 Box Pleated

Custom draperies in a box pleated style is a more traditional and formal approach to curtains. That said it is a style that has been around for generations for very good reason – it looks great. Box pleated curtains feature folds that run the entire length of the curtains. These folds run next to each other and give a very geometrical shape to the curtain making this style suitable for large rooms such as the lounge and dining areas.
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#2 Eyelet Style

The eyelet style curtain is suitable for smaller spaces and features a curtain that hangs from a curtain rod. These curtains are suspended from rings at the header. This style of curtain is ideal for kids rooms and areas where the curtains will have heavy use. This is due to the fact that eyelets are not as fragile as other curtain hanging styles. The modern styling of this curtain also makes it one that may suit more open plan rooms.

#3 Hanging Curtains

For those who want something different, rather than eyelet style curtains then hanging curtains may be the solution. Rather than featuring eyelets hanging curtains are suspended from the curtain rod with loops of fabric. This sort of curtain is suitable for a variety of rooms and the strength of the fabric loops means that this style can cope with almost any type of fabric. In common with almost any other type of curtain this type features repetitive folds.

#4 Sheer Fabric Curtains Cincinnati

This style of curtain is fabulous for rooms that benefit from the entry of natural light. The sheer fabric allows light into the room, while at the same time also provides an element of privacy as the curtain is opaque when viewed from a distance. Sheer curtains are incredibly light which may make them unsuitable for rooms which are exposed to the wind. If homeowners wish to avoid these types of curtains blowing into the room they can be fitted behind other, more weighty curtain types.
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Curtains are a great choice for any home – with the myriad of materials that are available every homeowner has the option to mix and match curtain types to bring their own individual style to their home.

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