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I always enjoy looking back at the projects we have completed.  This master bedroom transformation was definitely one of my favorites.

Custom Bedding and mixing fabrics

is a tremendous option over the kits where all the pieces are of the same fabric. Let’s see how this worked out.

Custom Bedding and mixing fabrics 1When Sharon called she said she wanted to use as many different fabrics as possible.  I always find that fun because so many people are afraid of mixing patterns in the same room.  Not Sharon!  She couldn’t get enough different patterns and textures. She already had custom bedding and an upholstered headboard that she was just tired of and wanted a change in color palette, too. She was drawn to grays but had also just put new golden orange tile and paint in an adjoining bathroom. I wanted to tie the two rooms together and when we started looking at fabrics; there were plenty of choices with those color combinations.
Sharon still liked the shape of the headboard so we just updated it with a simpler design and added nail heads for a fresh look.

Sharon had just taken down her old draperies and had great rods that we could easily re-use.  That’s what spray paint was made for, isn’t it?

Custom Bedding and mixing fabrics 3Fabricating the bedskirt on this bed was challenging. You gotta love these specialty beds! The metal frames at the bottom would have to be worked around. Fortunately with my fabrication experience, I knew how to measure precisely and communicate it to the seamstress. Perfect fit!


Custom Bedding and mixing fabrics 4

Custom Bedding and mixing fabrics 5

A close up of the bedding shows 8 fabrics, just right here. You can see the sketch I did to show Sharon a suggestion for placement of decorative pillows for the top of the bed. A combination of decorative trims complimented the pillows beautifully.



Custom Bedding and mixing fabrics 6Reupholstering a chaise was also needed, so that gave us a chance to add a ninth fabric.

The tenth and final fabric was used for both the bedskirt and the draperies – a beautiful deep gold grounded the room and tied it all together.
Sharon was thrilled and said, “I love the combinations of fabrics! I NEVER could have pulled that off on my own.”

Custom Bedding and mixing fabrics 7I love pattern, texture and color! If you need help pulling a room together, call me.