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What Does Color Do?

One of the first things we notice about something is it’s color.  Unless, of course, there are no lights!
Color is light and we’ve mentioned that before but color is an intangible part of light that is vital to our health and our mood.
Nearly 100% of the decision to purchase a product is based on color.  Color speaks volumes about us and TO us.
Here is a bit about some colors and how they influence behavior:
  • Pink — unconditional love and healing
  • Orange — Happy, social, energetic
  • Blue — relaxation, vision, rest and independence
  • Green — the color that is easiest on our physical eye, the color of nature, the color of healing love
  • Yellow — warmth, nourishing and grounding, self-esteem, will, determination, thinking and good digestion (of food and issues)
  • White — purity, clarity, spirituality, all colors of light
  • Purple/Violet — spirituality, action and rest at the same time
  • Black — protection, depth, mystery
  • Red — passion, action, deep love (usually romantic)