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On my recent trip to the Mediterranean, I found myself in awe of the amazing architectural details in every building. Each structure truly seems a labor of love, made with great craftsmanship and pride in handmade detailing.


We mentioned in our last blog on flame stitch, how seemingly new design elements and patterns of today are actually all found in traditional old world designs. This holds true for decorator drapery hardware as well.


Lets take a look at some of the architectural design elements I photographed from Venice  –

Venice architectural details

And Rome –

Roman architectural details

Now let’s look at some current decorator drapery hardware inspired by these classic European designs:

Holdbacks –

Decorator Holdbacks

Finials –

Decorator Finials

A Tableaux and more finials –

tableaux and finals

These timeless treasures can add interest and classic charm to any room in your home. Decorator drapery hardware comes in many finishes, colors, and styles to match your décor. Some other examples were featured in a blog back in November of 2012.


Let’s finish with a look at the details found on the walls of one of our hotel rooms – notice the molding, the cording along the edges of the wall panels and the immaculate matching of the fabric pattern along the seam on the upholstered wall –

Hotel wall detail

I love detailing and appreciate fine craftsmanship. If you are interested in finding some new, yet traditional and timeless designs in decorator fabric or hardware, give me a call at 513-398-5798 or email