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Here at Exciting Windows by Kim Lyon and Window Accetns we spend a lot of time looking at fabrics – we love fabric! So many colors, patterns, textures and fibers – so different and so exciting!

Lyon kids

But we don’t spend much time thinking about designer fabrics for the little ones. Usually we look for fabrics for the living room, the family room, and the kitchen – where we spend a lot of time and where guests gather the most. Designing custom shutters or custom blinds can have a beautiful effect on your home.

Then there is the master suite. The kid’s spaces seem to come in last. So we decided to look for decorator fabrics for kids – and not too surprisingly, we didn’t find a wealth of choices. There are some out there in the design world, but not near as many as one would think.

So today let’s take a closer look at some great choices for our kids, so they can have some fun and exciting spaces to hang out, play and be inspired.

We found fun prints in mostly animal and floral motifs but there are lots of basic design patterns like dots and stripes that aren’t specifically for kids, yet the colors used make them very suitable for our younger clients.

Let’s start with decorator fabric for kids from our friends at Kasmir

Kasmir fabrics for kids   Kasmir decorator fabrics for kids   Kasmir fabrics for the younger client

Next we have some samples from RM Coco

RM Coco fabrics for kids

Greenhouse Fabrics has some decorator fabrics for kids  –

Greenhouse decorator fabrics for children

Now let’s look at juvenile decorator fabrics from Roth & Tompkins Textiles. If you read our blog regularly, you will remember that we talked about Roth & Tompkins fabrics in a segment dedicated to natural fibers. Roth & Tompkins Textiles use natural fibers in all of their decorator designs and does not treat their fabrics with formaldehyde, making them very safe and kid friendly. Take a look at some of their options –

Roth & Tompkins blues and greens   Roth & Tompkins pinks

If you have been thinking about adding window treatments or bedding to your young one’s bedroom and would like to see and feel some age appropriate decorator fabrics, call or email Kim and Window Accents to schedule your free in-home consultation.