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We love the first blossoms of Spring, the delicate colors and scents to reassure us that winter is behind, and warmer days are ahead.


The ever popular theme for fabrics, flowers, represent the beauty of nature and are a symbol of femininity. We currently use floral decorator fabrics in our kitchens, bathrooms, and children’s rooms due to the feminine nature, but long ago, floral patterns were quite popular in the main living areas of the home, especially on the walls. (Some of you may remember stripping off old floral wallpaper!)

Floral Prints Curtains

Floral patterned textiles originated in eastern countries and were very prestigious items of trade in European markets. Later on the European manufacturers copied the designs and then started to make their own, making the textiles more affordable to more consumers.

Most floral decorator fabrics that we find today are stylized, not realistic representations. Floral patterns of yesteryear were very detailed and concentrated on making the blossoms look true to form. Today we see floral prints that concentrate on pattern and color repeat, thus placing the emphasis on the design elements and not the objects themselves. Below you will see newly released floral prints from Greenhouse Fabrics. The first shows independent blossoms that look almost photographed, and then we move to very stylized soft, no-edge flowers, to a very very stylized print that merely indicate floral objects:

Greenhouse Fabrics 1

Greenhouse Fabrics 2

And now we share a photo of a recent client’s treatment, also with modern stylized flowers:

Contemporary Decorator Floral Print Valance

A popular type of floral design, paisley, uses a kidney or droplet shaped vegetation motif. This pattern is said to be the convergence of a stylized floral spray with a cypress tree. The pattern was first seen as an Iranian or Indian design but the western name came from a central Scottish town were it was first produced commercially. Paisley patterns never seem to be out of style. Below is a paisley floral from Lafayette and then one from Roth & Tompkins made into a valance:

paisley from Lafayette and Roth and Tompkins

We are excited about the new decorator fabric sample books that just arrived. Here are some samplings of floral prints from Kasmir:

Decorator floral prints from Kasmir

More floral prints from Carole Fabrics:

spring floral fabrics form Carole Fabrics

Spring floral prints from Lafayette:

Spring decorator floral fabric from Lafayette

If you are looking for some Spring inspired floral decorator fabrics for your home, call Kim at 513-398-5798 or email and new sample fabrics can be seen and felt from the comfort of your living room!