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The bed and more specifically, it’s headboard, is the primary focal point of the bedroom.

Take a look at some modern, thinking-outside-the-box headboards:

Creative Headboards

Were there always headboards on beds?

The first beds date back to ancient Egyptians and the first headboards to ancient Greeks and Romans. The Greeks started the headboard craze by making a raised board at the head of the bed for sitting up, eating and reclining in the bed. Romans later perfected it as a definition of status. Having a luxurious and ornate headboard was a sure sign of wealth and the four-poster bed, a sign of royalty. To keep out drafts, framework was attached to the ceiling over the royal’s bed, and fabric draped over it and around the bed, making the first canopies. Here are some modern ones:

Modern Canopies

When the settlers came to America they often had beds made for them here, but they shipped handcrafted headboards from Europe, once again as a sign of wealth and status. The headboard reflected the owner’s heritage, history and culture. These pieces became family heirlooms, handed down through the generations.

Wood Headboards

Throughout history different styles of headboards were popular. Ironwork had a run for a time until the metal was needed for weapons during the war. Metal headboard popularity declined further, when factory made pieces replaced handcrafted ones. The bookcase headboard was also very popular. This type of headboard made nightstands and side tables unnecessary since there was so much extra storage in the headboard.

The Bookcase Headboard

Ornate wood headboards also had a decline in popularity and the upholstered headboard developed out of the need for a more comfortable back and headrest in the sitting and reclining positions. Upholstered headboards are padded and covered with fabric. They range in style from simple rectangular shapes with tailored stapled decorator fabric, to fancy shapes with piping or other trim, gathered fabric, button tufting, pleats and even ruffles.

Upholstered Headboards

Decorator fabric is chosen with care. Hair and skins oils can damage the fabric and so thought must be put into the style of the headboard and it’s cleaning when choosing the fabric. Leather, because of the ease in care, is a popular choice. Decorator fabric that matches the draperies or other seating pieces in the room is a great choice and will require professional cleaning.

Here are some combination headboards with wood and upholstered insert pieces:

Wood and Upholstery


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