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First off – Wow – It’s May already tomorrow! Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

Second – let’s think back to the cold yucky days of January when we talked about the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year – Radiant Orchid.

Radiant Orchid is a vibrant harmony of fuchia, purple and pink. The fashion world has embraced the 2014 Color of the Year –

Radiant Orchid in fashion

It is a bit more of a challenge to add it to our home but here are some ideas to get you started –

2014 Color of the Year in the home

Radiant Orchid can speak for itself, and is a great spring/summer color. You can easily add small additions to your room decor with such items as lamps, pillows, a throw, candles, artwork, flower pots, tableware and table accessories are great to start with. After the initial additions and you become more bold, you can paint an accent wall, add an area rug, an accent chair or even a major piece like a couch or window treatment.

All of our fabric suppliers have great new fabrics celebrating Radiant Orchid – let’s take a look to see if we can inspire you to add some of the “in color” to your home.

First we have a couple from RM Coco and then the bottom two are from Carole Fabrics:

RM Coco and Carole Fabrics Radiant Orchid

Lafayette has some great orchid prints:

Lafayette Radiant Orchids

And finally, Greenhouse Fabrics has a nice variety of fabrics in Radiant Orchid – two in particular we are excited about  – we are using them in a current project. You will have to check out our Facebook page or the photo gallery next month to see what creative things were done in a bedroom with Radiant Orchid!

Greenhouse Radiant Orchids

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