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If you remember, the last time we blogged about curtains, we talked about their purpose, or their job description – what do you want them to do – adorn the window and add character to the space, help control lighting and/or temperature in the room, add privacy, or a combination of duties.

If your window treatments have double duty and need to do more than just look beautiful, there are a couple ways to make that happen.  A traverse rod allows the curtains to open and close with the track they are attached to, thus facilitating control of light, temperature, and privacy.

Another option is with holdbacks or tiebacks.

A tieback can be made of the same decorator fabric as the custom curtains panels and secured around the panel when light and a view are desired:

Tiebacks of same fabric as curtains

Tiebacks can be trimmed with contrasting fabric that matches another element of the window treatment or another decoration in the room to add some interest:

curtains with tieback closeup


When made of contrasting fabric or trim of a different texture, tiebacks can add even more interest:

contrasting tiebacks

Tiebacks can be embellished with braided, beaded or tassel trim for a bit of bling or even twisted or braided themselves:

Tiebacks of same fabric with embellishments

And here is another fancy look – tiebacks of cording with large tassels:

Cord and Tassel tiebacks

Another choice to hold back curtains panels during the day is a holdback. Holdbacks are hardware pieces that match the rod or pole that the curtains are installed on. These decorative posts or curved metal ornaments, attach to the wall and hold back the curtain when you desire light to flow into the room:

Metal Holdbacks

If the holdback has a long stem or post, the window treatment can be wrapped around the holdback for a unique look:

wrap around the holdback

Often you will see our window treatments hung from holdbacks instead of rods or poles.

Holdbacks are very useful decorative hardware!

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