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draperies cincinnatiSweeping windows running the expanse of the walls rising from the floor to the ceiling are every homeowner’s dream. Realizing a dream view means one problem might be lurking around the next corner. The Timbuk 3 song said it best: The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades.

That’s right, no one really wants to cover up the billion-dollar or million-dollar view, but there is so much sunlight and heat suddenly even the most tropical-loving resident is grasping for their sunglasses, unable to take the heat.

Where Draperies Cincinnati Meet The Rod: Unassuming Assembly

The idea of window treatments for large windows is two-fold. Make them very practical, capable of blocking out heat and light for a full for relief during the day light hours in the shared living spaces. Where the draperies will be bracketed to the wall requires a little optical illusion. Valances cover up where the drapery meets the curtain rod. Valences may take on any look from the most contemporary to colonial. You’ll love the wall of valences we have in our showroom, where you can choose from a variety of designs.

Depending on the architectural style of the home, its decor, and the way the space is used, different styles of draperies and arrangements pair up better than others. For instance, old school utilitarian black out draperies work in a home theater where no one notices there are curtains in place. See sample of Contemporary Side Swag And Straight Valances

That same set of drapes wreaks dull and depressing akin to a brick of ice if set in a grand ballroom. The window shape, molding, and fine details would be wrongly covered.

Heavy colors on drapes detract attention and shrink down the spacious beauty of the room. Sticking with subtle neutrals elegantly relieves the eyes from solar glare and heat. Likewise, redirect the cold back out of the home using the same fabric. Draperies may add a dramatic effect by glancing the floor, or sitting casually on the ground.


Many discount detailing bed rooms at the expense of the people who actually live in the home. Brighten up, luxuriate, or make it all more romantic and feminine with visuals, thanks to the effects of drapery. Using window treatments for the sincerest expressions of personal taste is a win, especially with large windows.

Some maintain formality even up in the bedroom, while others may opt for any combination of big bows, silk valances, and scalloped lacy edges to embrace their true personality. Use imagination, make sure it is scaled to suit the space, and practical among other things.

Solar Shades And Draperies Cincinnati

In some homes, the intensity of the heat and sun are both an unwelcome wallop to the perfect view. The drapes are beautiful on their own, but no one wants to cover up the view. The drapery frames the window while solar shades limit heat and sun glare, still allowing the breathtaking view to come through the glass.

When preparing a home with large windows for new drapes, make sure they compliment the architectural style, decor, and personality. Solar shades, valences, fabric types, and style all come together to make a new look.