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When looking at photographs of window treatments you probably aren’t aware that curtains are divided into three categories. The three categories separate them depending on their role, or as we called it – their job description. Let’s discuss those today . . .


Curtains can be simply decorative – a stationary fashion statement that dresses up the window and adds character and style to the room.

Stationary curtains can be hung on rods, holdbacks, and other decorative hardware. This type of curtain only frames the window and adds texture, color, pattern, style and emotion to the room. The options for design are almost limitless.

Here are some photos of decorative stationary curtains –

Decorative curtains

Curtains can be very functional – a graceful transition from open to close, allowing control of light, privacy and temperature.

Functional curtains are installed on decorative hardware, traverse rods, or tracks with rings, grommets or pins. The width of the panels is determined by the width of the window so there is ample fabric to cover the window opening when the curtains are closed. The movement of the curtain panels can be by hand, a wand or motorized. Some functional curtain panels are hung in a stationary manner but then tied back to control light and view as desired. Below we have some functional curtains –

Functional curtains

Curtains can be both decorative and functional at the same time.

Multi-tasking curtains not only help to control light, privacy and temperature, but have additional elements that allow them to be a definite decorative statement as well. An example of this would be a window dressed with sheer panels as well as curtains and a valance. The sheers can be opened or closed to control the light and the view; the curtain panels can be drawn as well, to further control light, privacy and the amount of heat or cold air that enters the room; and the top treatment enhances the look with decorative style. Some examples from and –

multitaskers from others

And here are two of Kim’s multi-tasker examples, the second of which has the additional elements being a blind, for a totally functional and decorative window treatment –

Kim's Multi-taskers

So what is the job description of your curtains? Do they need a promotion?

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