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We spend a lot of time with our decor choices and choosing our draperies but the one area that might be neglected is the drapery hardware. Let me show you some of the choices you have with drapery hardware and why choosing just the right match is kind of like putting on the final bling and accessories when you get dressed to go out.

Drapery Rods

Today’s choices are vast. Rods of varying sizes and made from wood or metal. Your choice of rod adds an additional element of design to your décor and window treatments. In addition to traditional straight rods, current design trends have arched windows. We are able to customize rods and bend at the same arch as the arch of your window.

Curtain Traverse Rods

Traverse rods are rods made with an operational mechanism where the attached draperies can be drawn using a pull chord. A one-way traverse rod pulls the all draperies to either side of the window. A two-way Traverse rod pulls the draperies in respective halves to the opposite sides of the window (left and right side). These are a perfect solution for a sliding glass door or group of french doors.

Drapery Rod Finials

The finial is really the “personality” on the end of the rod.  It is a perfect place to let your design preferences shine through. Finials are simply window adornments. They provide a wide variety of appearance for your windows. They could be wood, upholding the style of a traditional feel and class, or even glass. Metal is more contemporary and can be considered window bling. When your drapery rod runs into a wall, a finial cannot be used, at least not at both ends. An end cap is then used at the other end of the drapery accessory.

Curtain Holdbacks

Holdbacks are used to coordinate drapery accessories. They give an excellent finish to your window while keeping certain accessories in place exactly as you desire them.

Drapery Rings

Rings are used to attachment draperies to poles. They help panels slide along the rod easily while also providing decorative elements.

Curtain Track

Tracks allow for draperies to glide along the ceiling. They are primarily used when windows go from floor to ceiling and there is little space available. Don’t skimp on the quality of your track and glides.  You want them to be sturdy and slide effortlessly

Options with Drapery Hardware – just call 513-398-5798

Window Accents offers such a broad assortment of options and our expertise to choose the right hardware. The best way to explore is to visit our showroom in Loveland or invite us to your home to discuss the options. We work hard to work within your budget, reflect your style and thoroughly embrace your goals. We’d love to work with you, just click the button below to initiate the scheduling process. We’ll bring all we need with us!