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Last time we talked all about energy efficiency during this cold winter and the Energy Smart Style savings event from Hunter Douglas. We gave you a little education on the R-values of your windows and on one of the Hunter Douglas featured products – the Duette Architella Honeycomb Shade shown here, that can add 4 points to the R-value of your windows.

Hunter Douglas Duette Architella

Today we are taking a look at two of the other products on special this winter season, their Silhouette window shadings and Vignette Modern Roman Shades.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette and Vignette

But first a little more information on energy efficiency to help us understand their products better:

Energy efficiency actually has three main components with regards to windows:

1. Reducing heat flow through the window

This is as simple as added an energy efficient shade like the Duette Architella When it is closed, during the winter it provides maximum heat loss out the window, keeping your home warmer, and in the summer it provides maximum heat entrance into the room, keeping you cooler.

2. Controlling solar heat

Open shades allow solar energy in, and when closed, they keep most of it out. Winter is a good time to keep the shades open during the time that the sun is in contact with the window to take advantage of the free heat energy given by the sun.

3. Enhancing daylighting by diffusing and dispersing it further into the room.

Hunter Douglas’s window fashions are great for light conditioning. By controlling the opening and closing angles of the shades, you are able to diffuse and disperse the light deeper into the room to illuminate the space and reduce the need for electrical lighting.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette

Hunter Douglas Silhouette window shadings shown above, do an excellent job of diffusing harsh sunlight by evening it out and making it softer. This is done with the soft fabric vanes floating between the two sheer fabric facings. The vanes tilt up and down to provide variable light control and of course, privacy control. Another additional feature is the UV protection the shadings give your furnishings. And now until April 2nd you can take advantage of a 50.00 rebate per unit purchased.

Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shade

Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shades give your windows fresh contemporary style with out gathers, cords or grommets. They are available in over 100 color and fabric combinations and can roll up, stack or traverse side to side to even cover wide windows and doors. They can add 1.5 R-value to your window or door. These have a rebate of 50.00 for each unit purchased from now until April 2nd just like the Silhouette shadings.

Hunter Douglas Vignettes

Thank you Hunter Douglas for the Energy Smart Savings event to help with our homes energy efficiency!