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Custom Draperies Cincinnati

Whether you are in the process of building your home or are working on a remodel, increasing the energy efficiency is always a good idea. Because windows are one of the greatest sources of trouble in regards to heating and cooling loss, you need to choose energy efficient window treatment to ensure that your home will be comfortable and affordable.


Take This Into Consideration When Searching For Custom Draperies Cincinnati

While you are searching for the best window draperies, you will want to take additional issues into consideration. While energy efficiency is certainly important, do not forget about privacy and security. The amount of shading and overall performance of the drapes and other window treatments should be considered. You may discover that combining products will work wonders at reducing the loss through your windows.

Draperies should reduce the heat you lose during the winter and help you to repel it during the summer. The type of fabric will influence the efficiency levels of your drapes. A tighter, closed weave will provide a better protection than loose open weave fabrics.

Creating Custom Draperies Cincinnati That Is Suited For Summertime

To maximize the reflective quality of your drapes during the summer months, choose ones that have a white backing. This will keep the heat of the sun from warming up your rooms. Although white blinds and a few other flat treatments will provide similar repulsion of the light waves, the drapery provides additional benefits that will keep you more comfortable.

The pleats and folds that are in your draperies will help to dispel the heat via convection. However, you will still need to use the drapes properly in order to get the most from your investment.

During the summertime, your window draperies should be closed when the sun is directly hitting any window. This means you will need to adjust them throughout the day in your home. However, if the drapes are left open even for a while when the sun is shining through it will cause a significant rise in room temperature. It will require additional energy to cool it down to a comfortable level that could have been achieved by leaving the blinds closed. You might want to check out our motorized options for ease of use.

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On the other hand, window draperies should also be closed during the night and all day if direct sunlight does not strike it. This will help to reduce the amount of heat you lose through the window.

When you are installing your draperies, you can increase the effectiveness by hanging them very close to the window. The bottom should touch the window sill or the floor to close off the air pocket. Additional efficiency steps include using side-by-side draperies in each window, installing a cornice and using hook-and-loop tape to attach them to the walls. This will maximize the seal around the pocket of air created by the drapery and window.

You might also add reflective films, awnings and other efficiency aids to keep your home comfortable year-round while keeping the heating and cooling costs at an affordable level no matter where you live.

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