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Have you ever walked into a room and had a sense that something wasn’t right with the proportions? Usually when this happens it’s because the windows are small compared with the wall’s height.

From the outside, the windows no doubt are in balance with other features of the home’s exterior. But this sometimes creates design challenges on the inside. Happily, there are ways to compensate.

For windows that are too short, height can be added by raising the drapery rod high enough to include a decorative element above the window. On very tall walls or on an end wall of a peaked ceiling, decorative elements can be added above the rod.

The tops of the windows in this room needed to appear higher to coordinate with the height of the room. Antique glass mounted above the windows give the appearance of transom windows. Ceiling-to-floor draperies add to the appearance of height. These two elements nicely balance the proportions in the room.

Lots of space above the windows in this bedroom gave plenty of opportunity to add decorative interest with antiques while raising the appearance of the windows. The arched window frame with shutters that this homeowner found was definitely a keeper. Mirrors replaced the clear glass and gave depth to the frame. Empty window frames on either side completed the wall in a scale appropriate to the room.

If you have a room that seems a little out of proportion, don’t despair. Lots of options are available for making it appear right. We just have to get creative!

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