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Finials are decorative end pieces most often placed on both ends of the curtain rod. You’ve probably seen them all your life, but not realized you had the option of many choices of design.

Here are some the basic types of finials to help you better understand:

Ball Tip Finials – from the word itself ball, this type of finial is round and it looks like a doorknob. You can also see ball tip finials on some flagpoles or bed frames.

Acorn Tip Finial – surprisingly… this finial is shaped like an acorn.

Steeple Tip Finials – these are triangular shaped finials that have pointed ends. If inverted they would resemble a church steeple.

Neo-gothic Finials – these are designed like steeple tip but with a medieval vibe though the design looks more complex compared to the other types of finials.

Contemporary Finials – comes in a number of more streamlined contemporary styles. Simple basic shapes and materials.

Swirled Finials –designed to look like a swirl and it creates an illusion of the rod extending through the swirls.

Stemmed Finials –may be mistaken for a swirled finials but stemmed finials looks like a tree branch and same as swirled finials, it creates an illusion that your window rods extends to the finials and you are not using one.

Square Finials –comes from the word square itself, square but of course, they have different structures but the main body looks like a box.

Bird Cage Finials –looks like a round cage that can be compared to a bird’s cage. It creates an architectural look of patterns shaped like a ball but hollow on the inside.

Crown Finials– from the name itself, crown. These types of finial looks like a crown in different designs and styles may it be a king, a queen, a prince or a princess these types of finials, give a Victorian vibe to your windows.

Trumpet Finials – compared to the steeple finials, the trumpet finials have the pointed end on the rod and the wider part faces outwards.

Finials are made from different materials, which provide an endless list of choices. It can be made from wood, different kinds of metal or even plastic. There is always a finial that will fit your design style and if you notice that your windows don’t have finials, maybe it’s time to consider upgrading and include finials. See how much décor and style it adds to your windows.

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