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Chevron and Flame Stitch are another popular design in decorator fabrics today.

Many styles, designs and patterns we see today in fashion and home décor are actually very traditional and old world in nature. Our younger generation find these designs fun and fashion forward, not knowing their roots are very old and long standing.

chevron and flame stitch fashions

The chevron and flame patterns originated as far back as the 15 & 1600s. The Flame stitch is also referred to as Bargello or Florentine stitch, after a series of chairs found in the Bargello Palace in Florence.

florentine stitch


The design and the way it its stitched can look very similar to the Ikat we looked at last week. We learned that the Ikat is formed from dyed and woven fibers. This pattern is formed originally from the embroidery, or over cast stitches. Traditionally the mathematical stitching was done on wool or canvas and found to be durable, thus very useful for pillows, upholstery, walls and even carpets. These geometric patterns can also form sharp points or zig-zags.

flame stitch and chevron

The zig-zag, or series of inverted V-shaped patterns is found in architecture and pottery of the 1800s in Greece. The shape by itself can be found in many insignia for flags, badges, and military uniforms. Together in a series, these geometric shapes form the chevron pattern we know of today.

This popular and very bold pattern finds it’s way into our homes in clothing, accessories, and home décor. You can start out with small accent pieces and then as you experiment with the pattern, you can begin to use it in colorful and fun ways to show some real character and fun in your home.

Chevron Decorator fabric

And speaking of character – Charlie Brown – the chevron pattern on his shirt is recognized almost anywhere even without him in it!

Charlie Brown

If you are looking to add some bold chevron or traditional flame stitch to your décor, call Kim 513-398-5798 or email her today to set up an appointment.