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Your Complete Guide to Blinds and Shades

Taking on any home project can be daunting regardless of what that project is – from foundations and flooring to electrical work and ceiling finishes, there is a lot that can go into even a minor home alteration.

What many may not know is that there are tons of fantastic window blind choices that can accent your room and make it truly unique. If you’re looking for blinds in the Cincinnati area, our 2018 Guide to Blinds and Shades has everything you need.

Read on to learn about some of the top styles of window blinds that will help make your space stand out.

Venetian Blinds

By far the most popular blind style in the Cincinnati, OH area, Venetian blinds are extremely versatile and efficient.

These horizontal blinds feature small strips of either wood or metal attached to each other with strings for easy control. You usually have the option to rotate them to open and close for desired privacy, and when you raise the blinds, each of the slats stack neatly onto one another – for custom metal or wood blinds in and around the Cincinnati area, these are a great choice.

Overall, Venetian blinds are efficient, easy to use, and beautiful!

Roller Shades

Roller shades are another popular shade choice for any home, and for good reason. The easy to use style and wide range of customization make these a must-have for any home.

These fabric blinds are typically heavier fabrics and often feature a blackout lining for increased privacy. Roller blinds can very easily be lowered and raised as well, making these shades great for any occasion.

Rather than stacking on top of itself like a Venetian blind, the roller mechanism tightly rolls the fabric so it is out of the way above the window. The roller mechanism itself is also very easy to use and adds another layer of customization to your space.

Roman Blinds

Similar to roller blinds, Roman blinds are fabric window blinds that easily lower and raise, however, rather than rolling inside of the rolling mechanism, the fabric stacks on top of itself much like a Venetian blind.

This creates a timeless, classic look; however, it can block some of the window space if not installed properly. For proper installation and the best custom shade options in Cincinnati, let us provide all of your window blind needs.

Cellular Blinds

If you’re looking for window shades that are just as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing, definitely check out cellular shades. Not only are these versatile enough to match any décor, they serve as great insulation.

These shades are made with two separate layers that form an open honeycomb shape in the middle that traps air – this makes for great insulation to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They also can provide excellent sound insulation!

In addition to being functional, their unique shape can liven up any space, and the shades themselves are very easily customizable in a wide array of colors.

Plantation Shutters

Known for their timeless elegance and sophisticated style, plantation shutters turn any house into a home.

These interior shutters are available in real and faux wood to suit any interior décor. Not only are they effective and stunning, they can add value to your home. With easy to use shutter control and effective insulation, plantation shutters are more than worth the investment.

Sheer Shades

Sheer shades provide a touch of elegance and are very effective for lighting control in any space. Typically, these shades have two sheer pieces of fabric that surround horizontal or vertical vanes that can be tilted for privacy and light control, much like you would see with a Venetian shade.

These sheer window shades are versatile enough to work for a living room window to a large sliding glass door. This allows you to have great control over your lighting and privacy while adding style to your home, and if you don’t want to focus on the vanes on the window shade, the sheer fabrics help draw your attention away from them while diffusing the sunlight.

Softer Fabric Shades

A more generalized style than those mentioned previously on this list, softer fabric shdes are known for versatility and customization.

While many people use softer fabric shades in a Roman style window shade, it allows for more than just one option. A popular way to use these kinds of blinds is a tie-up shade. By bunching up the fabric and tying it at the top, it adds a sense of personalization and fun – there isn’t a wrong way to tie up the fabric, so along with the fabric style and color choices you get to add your own personality to the window shade.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are traditionally used for larger windows such as sliding glass doors or floor to ceiling windows, but they can absolutely be used for smaller windows throughout the house.

These blinds most commonly come with 3 to 4 inch vanes that can be easily rotated for lighting and privacy. You also have the choice of fabric or vinyl as the vane material, so you’ve got a lot of options to make these vertical blinds suit your home’s exact style.

Vertical blinds provide maximum privacy for large windows and still lets in tons of light when you need it.

Now that I know all about blinds, what’s next?

Are Window Blinds a Good Decor Choice?

Whether you’re looking to do one room or the whole house, you can see that there are quite a few styles you can choose from, and there are many more out there! The choices can be overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. Window blinds are a subtle yet very important part of your home’s style.

Window Accents of Cincinnati Can Help!

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