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Today is the first day of spring – Happy Spring!

The picture in my mind when the word Spring is mentioned is of an open window with sunlight and fresh air just pouring in.  I see white sheers blowing softly on the side of open shutters and a flower vase with a single stem on the sill. . . . .

open shutters to spring

Hmm. . . . shutters – let’s talk about shutters today.


Traditional Shutters are typically made of wood and have louvers about ½ – ¾ inch thick and over an inch wide. Each louver is wedge shaped and can be tilted to adjust the amount of light coming into the room.

traditional shutters

Plantation Shutters are over an inch thick and can be 2 – 4 inches in width. The louvers are elliptical in shape and are also moveable to control visibility, light and air-flow.

plantation shutters

Shutters are hinged on the sides and can be opened for full access to the window or door to maximum air and light flow.

open shutters for light flow

Shutters are traditionally constructed of wood but are also made of composite materials that resist UV rays, won’t warp, crack, fade or peel, totally standing up to both hot and cold temperatures.

shutters for hot and cold climates

Shutters are also available in a variety of shapes to go along with the variety of window shapes in our homes today. They can be made to fit even triangle and half circle windows.

shutters for half circle windows

And although the weather today may not be conducive to opening our shutters and windows, it soon will be. Spring cleaning, elimination of winter clutter and a fresh look for your home is just around the corner – just like the colorful new buds of trees and flowers. We’ll explore some fresh new florals, light and bright colored fabrics in our next blog for more – Happy Spring!

fabric for spring