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Recently we have been discussing interest, character and even bling for the window treatments and pillows in your home.

Adding holiday color flair also makes a statement and relates to your character. We choose different colors even when decorating for the holidays, depending on our mood and character. Of course the existing color palette in each room will surely affect the decision as well.

Traditionally we tend to use red and green with gold, silver, white and blue as popular holiday colors as well. We choose our holiday color scheme based on our mood and what makes us feel happy during this special season.

Warm tones of red and green remind us of tradition, homemade items, crafts and gingerbread.

Red speaks of confidence, vitality, high energy and going after your dreams.

holiday color - red

Green is associated with nature, wellbeing, growth and a sense of balance.

holiday color - green

Gold is also a warm tone that states prosperity, wisdom, sophistication, and the enjoyment of life.

holiday color - gold

Cool colors of winter like white, blue and silver are used for holiday decorating too. They remind us of snow, bare trees, nature, penguins and bears.

Blue is youthful, spiritual, calm, relaxing and stands for peace and an open flow of communication.

holiday color - blue

White lends itself to a fresh beginning, purity, cleanliness, and a sense of wholeness.

holiday color - white

Silver is soothing, prestigious, feminine, sensitive, fluid and emotional.

holiday color - silver

When we look back at the characteristics of the holiday colors we typically use during this season, we see a pattern that truly matches the time of year. We are coming to the end of your calendar year and awaiting the fresh start of another. We gather with family and friends and celebrate our oneness. The colors of the season speak the same language – we are happy, spiritual and peaceful, looking toward growth, prosperity, and a new sense of balance in the coming year.

It seems that everything does happen for a reason – even the colors we choose for holiday decorating!

Happy decorating and Happy Holidays to everyone!!