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Custom Curtains Cincinnati: Creating a Look Like They’re Straight Out Of A Magazine

custom curtains cincinnati

Curtains are often undervalued in room decorating, despite being one of the most important aspects of beautiful interior design. When you want to customize your curtains to look like they’re straight out of a magazine, take a professional perspective.




How To Choose The Best Curtains For Any Room

The curtains you choose will make the difference between an ordinary room and an extraordinary room. Most especially if you’re ordering custom curtains, you want them to be absolutely perfect.

The Color

Your color choice should be guided by your drama: If you want a very bold and dramatic effect from your curtains, contrast the color of them with the main color theme of the room. On the other hand, if you’re trying for something more subtle, blend the color of the curtains with the main theme or just a shade or two from it.


Even though you could discover a patterned fabric that has you over the moon, it may not be in the best interest of your finished look to choose patterns for your curtains. Be careful to not mix elaborate or boldly-colored patterns with other patterns in the room, such as your carpeting or furniture. Select a pattern for the drapes only or the furniture or carpeting only – there is an art to mixing colors and patterns. Be sure to get a professional opinion to avoid costly mistakes.

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The Texture

When contemplating the texture of any curtain fabric, think about how you want to feel when you walk in the room. For example, if you want a casual atmosphere, opt for linen or cotton; for a more dramatic feel to the room, consider some type of silk or silk milk for the texture.


Before you start measuring the actual size of your windows, you should consider the extra length you may want either above the top of the window or below to the floor, or both. Going above the window frame on the top of your curtains can add length to the overall appearance of the window, thus, you may want to add two to four inches to the curtain fabric or length there; if you love the modern look of having the drapes reach the floor on the bottom, add those inches to your dimensions as well.

How To Get Perfect Custom Curtains Cincinnati

Depending on your budget, custom made curtains can be a significant investment. Once you’ve established the criteria for color, texture, pattern and sizing, you want to take your information to the most reliable and suitable designer:

Online Custom Made Curtains

There are numerous online outlets for ordering custom curtains, but be warned: You need to make sure every detail about your curtains is 100% clear and outlined in writing. Therefore, it’s not advisable to go with just any outlet; rather, you should carefully investigate the site for customer satisfaction, reliability and the possibility of having to return your curtains for modifications if they’re not quite right.

Designer Window Shops

One of the best ways to end up being a satisfied customer is through a designer shop you can walk right into. With such an arrangement, it’s easy to discuss your desires, look at samples and find out exactly what you’re going to end up with. Although a designer shop may provide you with the most desirable results, it may also be your most expensive option (although well worth it).

A Secret Source For Affordability

If you can provide your own fabric, consider asking your favorite dry cleaner to piece the panels together and hem them. While the process of creating custom curtains isn’t usually very elaborate, a lot of space and a heavy-duty machine are required, both of which your local dry cleaner should have on hand. This special project will come with a price, but not likely as high as retail; however, since you’re going one-on-one in person, your custom curtains should be exactly what you want.

Taking the professional perspective should ensure your custom curtains really do look like they’re straight out of a magazine. Your entire home can look professionally designed and decorated, when you start and end with the windows.