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Ikat or Ikkat (pronounced ee-kat), is another popular trend in decorator fabrics today.

This pattern is similar to tie-dying. Ikat is now being used in fashion accessories and home décor items as seen below.

Ikat Decorator Fabrics

When tie-dyed, the fabric is tied in sections to resist the dyeing in certain areas and accept the dye in others.

Unlike the tie-dyed fabrics, the Ikat patterns are developed in the weaving process of the actual fabric.

And now you need to hang in there with us for the technical part as we give you a little lesson on the process –

The yarns are dyed prior to the fabric being woven in a binding process much like the tie-dyed fabric. After the yarn is dyed, the yarns are then placed on the loom and woven. We see somewhat of a blur to the edges of the designs because the resistant dyed yarn is usually the warp yarn, or the one going lengthwise on the loom. The weft yarn, the horizontal cross threads, are woven into the warp. Because the warp yarns cannot be precisely dyed in the same exact spot when bound, we see a variation in the edges of the patterns. This creates the unique characteristic of the Ikat design.

Ikat woven fabric

The Ikat patterns can be formed with the woven threads, the weft, as it goes across the fibers on the loom (the warp) but this design only appears as the weaving progresses and can not be seen before hand as when the dyed yarns are put on the loom first as the warp threads.

It is hard to determine just when and where the Ikat fabrics originated as most textiles have a limited “shelf life”. The word Ikat comes from a Malay word meaning “to bind or wind around”, hence the dyeing process. We see these fabrics from Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Guatemala, Turkey and India usually.

Wow – if you got all of that and stayed with us . . . . . .

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RM Coco Ikat Decorator Fabrics

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