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Today we are walking you through the installation process for one of our client’s two story curtains. The prelude to our story begins with Kim in the client’s home asking her about colors, styles and ideas. Our story starts with an idea and a sketch:

The Idea Sketch

Once the client falls in love with the design, she selects decorator fabrics, hardware and accessories with Kim’s expert advise. A template of the window is made to accurately shape the cornice board that will be a large part of the window treatment. Once the fabric and other items are ordered and arrive, the sewing begins.

Now let’s turn the pages to the last chapter – the installation.

The area of the room is cleared, the scaffolding is up and ready to go:

Scaffolding two story window curtains

On the floor, Kim measures the cornice board to precisely attach the medallion posts – the hardware from which the two story curtains panels will hang:

measuring medallion placement for two story window curtains

While Kim is busy on the floor, the installation guys, Phil and Greg begin “fun with scaffolding”. This means measuring and installing the hardware to mount the cornice board to the wall, setting up more ladders to facilitate the lifting of the cornice board up to the second story height, and of course, the sigh of relief that it’s up and correctly in place:

fun with scaffolding for two story curtains

Now the first custom curtain panel is attached to the medallions, the medallion covers put on, and Kim climbs upon the scaffolding. She begins the process of “dressing” the custom curtains from top to bottom. She is ensuring that the curtain hangs perfectly, the leading edge of contrasting fabric is showcased, and the gorgeous tassel holdback is majestically in place:

Dressing the window curtains

Here are close ups of the medallions and tassel details we are talking about:

Details of the window curtains

And finally – Ta Dah! After about 4 hours, the beautiful new two story curtains project is up and creating a great statement in this great room:

the two story window curtains

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