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Sunroom Tips

We love the sun.
It’s brightness and it’s warmth.
We look forward all winter to the upcoming Spring and Summer sunshine.
We love to lay in it, play in it and often let it burn us.
We love huge windows in our homes and plan for, or add on later, an area of rest and relaxation with lots of sunshine

The sunroom.

Four Seasons Sunrooms

We love the sunroom.

We love to lay in it and play in it, too.

But what happens when we decide that it’s too bright at times, or the heat is too much in the summer, or the neighbors are getting too nosy?

There is a solution. Let’s talk about window treatments for your sunroom for the summer, and more specifically –

Thermal Design window shadings for your Four Seasons sunroom.

Thermal Designs, Inc has been manufacturing custom, high quality thermal shading systems for sunrooms, solariums, patio rooms and greenhouse areas for more than 3 decades. The small family owned and run business in Boulder Colorado makes insulating shades that maximize the heating and cooling of the room.

up and down

These sunroom shades come in a variety of durable moisture-proof fabric, textures and weaves in fade resistant designer colors.

The choice can then vary the amount of privacy, degree of transparency, heat reflectivity and heat retention.

textured shade      shade on top

Thermal Designs sunroom shades for your Four Seasons sunroom are easy to install, maintenance free and are available with manual or motorized operation. The smooth-operating gravity fed system allows for simple operation. Each one of the shade pleats is spaced 10 inches apart and contain aluminum tubing supporting gliders that fit right into a Four Seasons shade track. This makes for a precise fit that curves or straightens with the glass for a truly beautiful fit.

fabric shade       T D shades

Thermal Design sunroom shades for your Four Seasons sunroom will allow you to control the light and the temperature of the room to make it a truly useful area all during the day and all during the year.

Spring is here and the sun is shining – is your sunroom the perfect place to lay in and place to play in?


If not, give us a call. You can reach Kim at 513-398-5798 or you can email her at to set up your free in-home consultation when you can learn more about sunroom shadings and other window treatments for your home.