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We posted photos to our “Fabrics on the Move” album on Facebook yesterday, showing the decorator fabrics we are currently working with.

Surprisingly, we have – BLUE!

All too quickly we find ourselves associating the color blue with the cold, wet weather, or even “feeling blue”.

(That phrase may come from the bluish skin tone of bodies that have passed on or when you are really sick and “feel like death”. It could also be from the ancient custom of sailors raising a blue flag on their return voyage, when a crew member passed on while they were away at sea.)

Did you know that blue has positive affects on the mind and body?

Blue relates calmness, stability, trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, peace, faith and order. Blue surrounds us in nature with the sky and the sea, reminding us during these dark winter days, of fun and sun on the beach. Maybe that’s why we are working with the blues – our clients are looking ahead to the spring and the summer – good mood blues!

Here are the Kasmir fabrics we posted to Facebook:

Kasmir blue fabrics

We have another client that is using some decorator fabrics from JF Fabrics:

blue JF Fabrics

Blue is between violet and green on the color wheel. Blues with some violet undertones are indigo and ultramarine. Cyan is in the middle, and when green is added, we have colors like turquoise, teal and aquamarine. Shades of blue, adding black, are cobalt, navy and Prussian. Tints, or white added examples, are sky blue, azure and Egyptian.

Below are decorator fabrics from RM Coco in a variety of blues:

blue RM Coco fabrics

And here are more moody blues to calm you in your bedroom, bath, or family room, also from RM Coco:

RM Coco blue fabrics

RM Coco blue and beige

Finally, we have a selection of fabrics from Lafayette Interior Fashions:

Lafayette blues

If you are feeling the blues and are in need of a late winter project, call or email Kim for a free in-home consultation to add some peace, calmness and stability to your décor this spring as you think ahead to bright blue skies and deep blue ocean waters.

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