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At last, a moveable window treatment for those specialty shape windows that are so popular in new homes today. This problem solver is a motorized shutter and a beautiful design to work in any home design.

Lafayette Custom Shutters aren’t just your classic traditional shutters. You’ll be amazed at what we as custom window fashions experts can do with special shapes and colors to enhance and highlight architectural features within a home. Custom Shutters provide directional light control from ceiling to floor or from left to right depending on louver orientation.

I want to show you this new motorized shutter I saw at a recent trade show. I was so impressed. I think you will be too.

Motorized shutters window accents cincinnati ohio

Lafayette Custom Shutters now offers this motorized wood shutter. Great for those specialty shape windows like second story arch windows. You can stay on the first floor and using a remote, change the direction of the louvers to control light in your room. It used to be we would just install custom window treatments in Cincinnati and you could not open them. Now you can open and let the light in when you want and close when it is too bright and hot.

What you can expect with your new Motorized Shutters:

  • Variety of colors – even custom paint or stain colors
  • Variety of type – sunburst, horizontal or vertical louvers
  • Variety of shapes – any and all specialty shape in addition to standard rectangular windows
  • Light control of hard to reach windows
  • Battery operation – no need for an electrician
  • Remote control

Watch the Lafayette Arch Window Motorized Shutter in action!