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Natural fibers

Today more and more of us are returning to our natural roots, myself included. I have adapted a natural lifestyle in the past several years and not only seek natural ingredients in my food but everywhere else as well – and of course, natural fiber decorator fabric is right up my alley!

Natural fibers were the only kind of fibers used long ago when cloth was made and used for clothing and linens.

Natural fibers make clothing and decorator fabrics breathable and soft. They feel good and look good. There are no chemical toxins used in the construction or dying of the fabrics, making them safe and worry free. An added bonus is their biodegradable-ness.

What exactly is a natural fiber? An elongated substance made by a plant or an animal that can be spun into filament, thread or rope, and can be woven, knitted, or even matted into a sheet like felt. Plant parts such as seeds, leaves, skins, stalks and husks make fibers and fabrics of cotton, flax, linen, hemp, sisal, coir, jute, ramie, abaca, and coconut. Animal hair, feathers, or secretions produce wool, silk, mohair, cashmere, camel hair, angora, and alpaca wool.

Fibers from different sources

Natural fibers make fabric for clothing and decorative items in your home more breathable, temperature regulatory, durable, absorbent, static free, pill free and are naturally antimicrobial.

I would like to show you some fabric selections today from Roth & Tompkins Textiles, one of the leading manufacturers of natural fiber fabrics. Let’s start with plaids today in greens and blues:

R&T green plaids

R&T in greens and blues 2

R & T recognizes that all of our actions directly impact others and our planet. They are located in East Norwalk, Connecticut and started their family-owned business in 1993. Here are some of their checks in red:

R&T checks in red

Roth & Tompkins Textiles designs fabrics inspired by travels around the world bringing the past and present together to meet current lifestyles in the places we enjoy – a seaside cottage, a mountain retreat, a rustic lake house or a contemporary urban home. Take a look at some of their solids in light natural tones, some green houndstooth and then florals:

R&T natural solids

R&T green houndstooth

R&T fun florals

R & T has some fun fabrics for the young ones as well. What a great feeling to know that the fabrics in your little one’s room are chemical free! Here are a couple examples –

R&T for the young ones

R&T dots in pink

To see the full line of Roth & Tompkins textiles or other natural decorator fabrics, contact me at or call 513-398-5798.


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