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Holiday color and holiday decorating we talked about last time, now let’s look at color for our hopeful future –

It’s time once again to live! Color is bringing back the eagerness and joy we need in our lives.  More than just struggle to survive, we want to boldly thrive and that requires an intensity of focus and desire.

bright holiday colors

Dee Schlotter, brand manager for PPG’s Voice of Color and proud sponsor of Exciting Colors! believes “those of us who were reluctant in the past will take the leap into deep, vivid hues because our world has changed and we’ve recognized that there’s only one life to live and there’s no time to waste.”


“Intensity” is the key word and this quest is two-fold: A search for euphoria for some and, for others, a vivid longing for a sense of oneself. This intensity-although it may be only transitory-is positive; it brings energy, impetus and a self-sustaining enthusiasm. Living intensely spices up the tastes of the world, while reflecting and reconnecting with its quiet beauty, such as the small pleasures and modest instances of happiness-like the smell of moss in the underbrush, the feel of wind, a brilliant sky at sunset and the laugh of a child.


“Intensity is a survival strategy in crisis times,” explains Dee. “For some, it means seeking out extremes of sensation, rebelling against the bland existence that comes with cynicism and disenchantment. For others it means ‘unplugging’ in order to reconnect with a life they feel is fleeting.”

color - emerald trims

As a result, we may seek to amp up the chromatic density of our lives with vivid hues. We will go for colors that stir the senses and set them in motion. Our choices will be vibrant, optimistic colors that pack a punch and can’t be ignored. For those of us needing intensity, our spaces will be full of strong contrasts: heavy and weightless, shadow and light, hot and cold. Bold colors that help you stand out in a crowd and showcase your personality. Consider injecting your décor with deep indigos, saturated reds, big purples and almost-neon yellows and Emerald Green.

color- emerald pillow   color - emerald fabriccolor - emerald velvet


color - green walls

Pantone has announced the 2013 Color of the Year  – Emerald.

Emerald is a lively and lush color most often associated with the gem of the same name. Since antiquity this luxurious and sophisticated color has represented wealth, prosperity, and energy. Green is the most restful color and easiest on the eyes. It is the color of nature and represents balance, harmony and healing love.

Emerald green makes so much sense to be the color of year as we seek balance, growth and the intensity to truly live each day to the fullest this year. Bring on the green!

color - emerald floral fabriccolor - emerald satincolor - emerald print


Thanks Fawn Chang and Dee Schlotter of Exciting Color!