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We could have titled this Custom Window Shadings but – everything we do is custom, made to your specifications.

You select the fabric, the type of window treatment, the operating system, the hardware, the size, the translucence or opaqueness, etc.

So what exactly are we talking about today?

A step beyond the custom window shading into truly personalized window shadings  – ones that allow you to take it a step further and find your own graphics, artwork, or photograph to apply to the cellular, roller, roman, or panel shade.

Comfortex, an innovative leader in the window treatment industry, located north of Albany New York, brings us this exciting new opportunity. The images can be applied to either the interior or exterior facing of the treatment depending on your needs. Commercially, these Comfortex Persona window shadings are used to attract the attention of folks on the street with images of products while shading the actual products from the harsh sunlight. They can be used to shade a conference room window with the company logo or featured products.

Comfortex Persona prints

In your home you can use them to add color, pattern, pizzazz, and your personality to any room. The Comfortex Persona shades are printed on one side, yet go unnoticed from the outside of your house because the backside is white or another solid color. And there are many other options to think about.

You can choose a photograph that completely covers the panel or spreads across several panels. The photograph may be your favorite relaxation place or a landscape that looks more inviting than the current view outside your window.

A patterned border can just run across the bottom or the middle of the window shading. And if you have several windows in a row, you can change the image to add variety and interest.

bottom border

Persona prints

A frame can be added around the outside of the shade or it can be added inset from the sides for yet another option.


Comfortex sliding panels for your door come with self wrapped headers and bottom rails as do the cellular, roller shades, and roman shades. These panels can be drawn from the center or to the left or to the right.

sliding panels

You can add a Comfortex Persona shade to your little leaguers bedroom window with their favorite team logo.

Comfortex Persona shadings

So if you want to take custom window shadings to a new level and add your own photograph, team logo, favorite pattern or design, contact Kim for more information on Comfortex Persona cellular, roller, roman, or panel shades.

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