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Sleep is incredibly important to us and therefore having a great pillow is as well.

Oh but pillows are so much more than functional – they are so decorative and fun!

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Oh the shapes. . . . oh the sizes . . . oh the fabric . . . oh the trim !

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And let’s not forget the insides – just what is in that pillow anyway?

Well way, way back in the day, a wooden or stone pillow was used to support the head, or sacred part of the body, in the Egyptian tombs. It was believed to also keep demons away. Later the Romans and Greeks made softer pillows but only the wealthy had pillows. The more pillows, the more affluent a person was. Not only did a pillow help to relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain while sleeping, it also helped hamper bugs and insects from getting in the hair, mouth, nose and ears of the sleeper.

Modern pillows can be filled with one type of fiber or a combination. You can get totally synthetic fiber, usually a polyester type, or a pillow filled with both polyester and feathers. You can even get a combination of feathers and down or a 100% goose down pillow. A chamber pillow has a chamber in the center filled with 10% goose down and 90% feathers with down inserted around the chamber. There is hypo-allergenic pillow fill for folks who can’t use down and then pillows made in other countries are even known to use cotton, wool and buckwheat for filling.

pillow fillings

Today, we use pillows everywhere, not just on our beds. Lots of fun shapes, sizes and colors help to brighten our living spaces and bring character and comfort to our homes. There are squares, rectangles, circles, bolsters, hearts, and even character shapes for kids.

pillow shapes

Of course you know there are oodles of fabric choices for your pillows but bet you didn’t know that now is a great time to put some bling on your pillows as well – are good friends at RM Coco are having a special on their trims until the end of the year. Here are some pillows by RM Coco and some of their trims in blue. Trim can be cord, fringe, brush, loops, or tassels (and buttons too!) – all fun – all adding a unique element of style and character to your decor.

RM Coco pillows    RM Coco trims

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