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The Pleated Curtain Style

has enjoyed a surge in popularity the last few years.  There is no style that is as classic and timeless as a pleated curtain.  There are many different pleat styles available to make your custom curtain unique.  Today we will look at 3 styles, each having a distinctly different look, feel, and personality. Call Window Accents for the best window treatments in Cincinnati.

Euro Pleated Curtain StylesThe Euro Pleated Curtain Style

is a very updated, current look.  This style looks great hanging from rings and works well as stationary side panels or traversing curtain.





Goblet Pleated Curtain StyleThe Goblet Pleated Curtain Style

is another variation that is very classic.  It gets it’s name from the resemblance to a wine goblet.  Goblet Pleated curtains will traverse easily, but may not stack as tightly onto the side as the Euro Pleat.


Inverted Box Pleated Curtain Style

The Inverted Box Pleated Curtain Style

can be a statement all on it’s own.  As seen here, in this photo from Chicago’s Curtain Connection, decorative elements can be added to truly make your curtain a one of a kind.  This curtain is best suited for stationary side panels, as the pleats generally do not traverse well.




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