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Woven Shades and Draperies

Custom Curtains & Draperies

The beauty of custom curtains and draperies is that they depend entirely on you. With countless accessories, fabrics, and styles, every curtain you design will be custom tailored to your style. We create them based on your design inspirations, to compliment your home’s decor, and to exemplify the home you’ve worked so hard to create.

Not one custom curtains project looks the same and if you want to express yourself in the beauty of your home’s interior, custom curtains are the window treatments for you. Schedule an appointment with us so together we can design your custom curtains.

Bay Window Curtains

Just about any design can be adapted to fit any bay window. The use of special hardware is often needed, but this is readily available though our many custom hardware collections.  We can sketch out the treatment to scale based on your window so you will see exactly how it will translate to a bay. Our ability to precisely measure is the secret to the magic sauce.

2-Story Window Curtains

Often referred to as Custom Draperies, the addition of fabric to the full height of two story windows not only adds drama but also helps to bring all the elements of the room together for proper design scale. A “wall of windows” is a focal point in a room, so the choice of fabric dictates whether the window treatment is a wow factor or a softer, textural enhancement to the decor.

Adding curtains to your 2 story windows can be an excellent way to call attention to the elegance of your home’s large windows. Window Accents offers a large selection of 2 story curtains that can meet your style and budget. Because of the variety of window designs, we offer an in-home shopping experience that will allow you to choose your 2 story window curtains from the comfort of your own home.

2-story window curtains Cincinnati Ohio
Arched Window Curtain

Arched Window Curtains

Arched windows provide an opportunity for creativity to be unleashed.  You can choose to cover the arch or leave it exposed while treating the rest of the window. The architect of your home intended the arch window to be a key feature, so let’s play it up to it’s full potential!

Custom Curtain Rods

Just like adding jewelry to a beautiful outfit, custom decorative drapery hardware adds a special finishing touch.  Hardware doesn’t have to be purely functional,  it is often just as important as the fabric in the final design.  We carry many vendors with products ranging in price and customizable options.  Whether you like the look of metal or wood, we have seemingly endless choices of styles and colors.

Custom Curtain Rods
Arched Window Curtain

Window Valances

Window Valances include all types of top treatments for a window.  Valances can be mounted on a rod or hidden board.  Upholstered cornice boards are another option.  Really, anything that covers the top of a window.  These are often desired to cover the hardware necessary for mounting blinds or shades in your window.  As long as you need them, they might as well be fantastic, right?  Anytime you introduce a fabric into the decor it is another chance to either make a statement with it or use it to pull the other colors of the room together.  Some of the descriptive terms for valances are tailored or flowing, casual or formal, pleated or gathered.  Buttons, banding and trims are also added for interest.

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When you schedule a FREE in home consultation for window treatments in Cincinnati, we will work with you to envision the new custom curtains and draperies for your home. We can look at pictures, swatches, past designs, and your inspirations to create the perfect custom drapes to add a beautiful accent.
Custom Curtains – what does that mean? It’s all about you. They can be formal or casual, tall or short, contemporary or traditional. The styles and options are unlimited.

Create a beautiful addition to your home’s interior with our fabulous selection of colors, fabrics, textures and finishing accents for your custom curtains or draperies.

Custom curtains and draperies to match your personal design style. Improve your home with elegant curtain selections.

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