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Truly Custom With An Asymmetrical Window Treatments – Cincinnati Ohio

Custom Curtains and draperies window Accents Cincinnati

Asymmetrical window treatments that are truly custom are such fun.

The definition of custom window treatments is technically just selecting the fabric you want and in the exact size that you need.

Custom Curtains and draperies window Accents Cincinnati OHIn Jennifer’s 100 year old home in a lovely area of Cincinnati, only truly custom would do. Jennifer loves color and this particular room is center stage in the home, a home bustling with activity of small children and large dogs.

The door in the center of this wall is used often, the main door for letting the dogs out. We bounced around several ideas. Jennifer originally thought she would want fully traversing draperies that she could open and close.

The more we talked, though; she could see that would not be practical for the dogs. The draperies were very likely to get dirty from the dogs rubbing against them continuously.

Version 2


When I first looked at the room, I saw the practicality of an asymmetrical treatment. But not just practical, great design, as well. Here, you can see, we treated the wall of windows as a whole, framing them with the stationary drapery panels.

The upholstered cornices could top off the custom draperies but not interfere with the function of the doors. The design alone is not the truly custom part.

Look closely at the draperies. Jennifer is certainly not afraid of bold color and fabrics.


She fell in love with this horizontal “zig zag” stripe, but wanted the stripe to run vertically. Hmmm… fabric is only 54” wide, so let’s get creative.We needed to seam the fabric to make it long enough for the draperies, so we added a special banding over each of the seams. The banding not only served to hide the seams, but it also added just a touch of fun and interest. Everyone was thrilled with the custom window treatments.


Think outside the box for asymmetrical window treatments



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March 17, 2016