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Tall Gathered Block Draperies with Bullion Fringe Trim Window Treatments – Cincinnati Ohio


Carole called with several rooms that she wanted to decorate with new custom window treatments. Two story, tall draperies are always challenging, but in this case, even more so. This same set of windows was on the other side of the fireplace, as well. Of course, she didn’t want any drapery we might do to cover much of the window.

There were only a couple of inches between the window and the corner of the wall. Normally, if we use drapery hardware, we would have a finial on both ends of the pole. In this case, there just wasn’t room for that. So we employed a little design trick and “buried” one end of the pole into the corner wall. A very large finial was used on the other end of the pole.

When you design custom draperies there are several options for how you finish off the top. There are at least 10 pleat variations that can be used, but Carole chose to simply gather the drapery onto the rod. That was definitely the best choice for this treatment so that we could completely cover that the end of the pole just runs into the wall without a finial. It would be more obvious if the drapery hung from rings and the rod was exposed.


Bullion Fringe Trim Window Treatments – Adds Much Visual Interest to the Wall

When windows flank a fireplace, an asymmetrical design is often used. In Carole’s family room, the drapery panels themselves were identical, but they were each hung on the outside of the window, in the corner, with just one finial. This is how the asymmetrical design was achieved.

I liked incorporating the two colors that she was already using in the room to bring in two different fabrics into the drapery design. By changing fabrics, adding a bullion fringe , and lining this up with an architectural feature, it adds much visual interest to the wall.


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August 13, 2015