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Upholstered Cornice with Contemporary Burlap Scarf – Cincinnati, Ohio

Vintage, Vintage, Vintage. The rustic, vintage vibe is all over home decor these days. It gives us such a cozy feel and takes us back to a simpler time. But many are not happy with “vintage” as it was back in the day. We need to update it and make it part of our current time. We do that by using what I call “Rustic Elegance”.

We use bits from an earlier era but incorporate it into our modern environment. Such is the case with burlap fabric. If you take notice, you will find it is everywhere in home decor. You can find ribbons and wreaths, bows on picture frames, decorative pillows, placemats and table runners, and even decorative drapery fabric.

Burlap Window Treatments – Rustic Elegance

Even I was surprised to find this rustic fabric being used for drapery fabric. It is usually coarse and rough and not what I think of in terms of elegant drapery fabric. But leave it to the textile industry to come up with just such a product. When Angie called me for this project, she knew she wanted burlap – and I mean she has burlap everywhere in her home.

She is currently obsessed with burlap, by her own admission. Angie is very eclectic in her decorating, meaning she likes to puts many different styles together. Her home is the epitome of rustic elegance. She puts extremely formal pieces (think glossy black piano) with nubbier, rougher textures in her upholstery pieces.

t looks great! We designed these cornices for the family room. She liked the marriage of contemporary and rustic in this design. Two of these valances flanked either side of the fireplace in an asymmetrical design. A perfectly unique, fun window treatment for such a fun lady!


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August 17, 2015