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Cornice Window Treatments for 2 Story Window – Cincinnati, OH


I love when a client calls with a 2 story window challenge! It usually involves a whole wall of windows and presents a huge dilemma for the homeowner. This wall faces west and the family could hardly be in their main living space during the late afternoon because of the sun pouring in those windows.

Adding to the challenge is that the top three windows are slightly arched. There are limited options for operable blinds or shades on a specialty shaped window. But I knew we could “cheat” a bit in this case. We started by making a template of each of the top windows so that the cornices could be shaped the same as the windows. Then we mounted straight, battery operated, motorized wood blinds in each window.

Cornice Window Treatments – Highlights an Architectural Feature of the Windows

This was all hidden from view with the upholstered cornice boards, maintaining the arched appearance. We added the drapery panels to the floor to ground the whole treatment and make it a more comfortable room. I often like to make a break in the longer 2 story custom draperies for visual interest. By adding a small amount of trim at the seam of the two fabrics we were able to highlight an architectural feature of the windows.

After we had selected all the fabrics, we then chose the paint color for a perfect coordination. Now the family can enjoy this room at any time of day or night. And, of course, they all enjoy the ease of opening and closing the blinds with the touch of a button.



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August 13, 2015

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