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Curved Drapery Rods Solve Bay Window Problems

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Use Unique Curved Drapery Rods to Solve Your Window Problems

Curtain rods don’t have to be straight! They can be bent or curved to fit the shape of your wall.

Many homes I visit have bay windows that are three or more standard windows mounted in flat walls set at an angle to the main wall. A variety of options are available for these using standard shades, shutters, and curtains.

Bay Windows Were Different in This Home

But Paula’s bay window was different. The walls were finished to a gentle arc five windows wide. The ledge at the bottom of the window was a favorite sleeping place for her small dog. She wanted to filter the sunlight while still allowing the dog to sleep on the ledge. We could have installed a drapery on the flat wall outside the bay window, but that would have left the dog wondering how to get to her favorite place in the sun.

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Our Customer Loved Pinch Pleat Sheer Draperies

Paula loved the idea of installing pinch-pleat sheer draperies on a curved curtain rod inside the bay window. The curved traverse rod allows her to open and close the curtains as needed. A narrow drapery on the flat wall at the sides of the window provides a nice accent in a coordinating fabric.

What unusual wall shapes do you have? We can fit them with horizontally curved rods, rods that bend to fit inside corners, and rods that bend around outside corners. Cornices and valances can also be shaped to fit your unique windows.

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cincinnati ohio beige drapes

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If you want more information on the curved drapery rods that can solve your window problems, or any of the other ideas here, contact Kim for your free in-home consultation – 513-398-5798 or email

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December 7, 2017