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Upholstered Leather Cornice With Faux Cowhide Valance

The magic is in the details! This upholstered cornice is definitely an example of details. My client was downsizing after her son had started college. He, of course, still had a room in the new house and she wanted to make it special for him. He had always had a love for the rustic charm of cowboy life.

A cowhide rug had been a part of the decor in his room for quite some time. She had a small piece of cowhide tucked away in a closet, so we decided to put it to good use. Now, cowhide is one of those things where I believe less is more.

Designing a Faux Cowhide Valance

A whole cornice covered in the cowhide would have been too much in this room. But just a hint of it, cleverly tucked behind the grommets, adds an element of mystery. You catch it out of the corner of your eye and wonder, “ did they do that?” I like that the grommets are shown being used in a way that is not the normal.

Everyone knows about drapery panels with grommets on a pole. But using them as a purely decorative element in the game of peek-a-boo is just plain fun and unexpected. And what goes with cowhide better than leather? We selected a faux suede fabric to cover the board with a small check for the banding.

The bedding was in the colors of the banding to tie everything together. So while the details definitely didn’t stop with the grommets, everything else was subtle enough to let the cowhide remain the star of the show.


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August 17, 2015