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2 Story Draperies, Cornices and Motorized Wood Blinds – Custom Draperies Cincinnati OH


IMG_1645One of the best parts of my job is solving problems for people.  Scott and Bridget called me out to help decorate this wall of windows and to hopefully find a solution for the killer sun that these west facing windows let in.  That is a lot of windows and if you want to watch television at all during the daytime in this room something needed to be done.  Adding to the problem are the arch topped windows.  There are not a lot of options for covering arched windows while maintaining the flexibility of opening and closing the treatment.  Wood blinds is what they had in mind, but how do you use them on the arches?

Because I started in the industry 20 years ago as a drapery workroom owner, I can combine all the knowledge of the drapery fabrication process with the knowledge of how the blinds and shades work.  You can’t get a wood blind that opens and closes with an arch top, but I knew we could use a regular, straight blind under a cornice that was shaped to match the arch.  It is amazing how often I have to play engineer, too!


Motorized Wood Blinds

We had to bring out the extension ladder to make templates of the arches to use for our patterns on the cornices.  Fabric was selected from Horizons for cornices and drapery to coordinate with the other furnishings in the room.  We selected wood blinds from Hunter Douglas to dress all the windows.  Then on installation day we brought in the scaffolding, scaled the heights, and completely transformed the look of this room AND solved a big problem for their family.  The three top windows are operated by a battery powered remote, while the 2 lower blinds are operated with a traditional cord.   It is fun to play with the new powered blinds!


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July 18, 2015

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