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Oversized Window Treatments for Bay Window – Cincinnati Ohio




Paula wanted her master bedroom to feel much more cozy and romantic.  As you can see, the room and the windows are very large.  The potential was certainly there for something fabulous.

I loved the oversized windows set in a bay, but it looked rather cavernous before we started.   Paula had actually found an idea on Pinterest that she liked, so we used that as our inspiration.

Oversized Window Treatments for Bay Window

I sketched the design out for her windows so that she could visualize it.  Then we got to work selecting fabrics.  Everyone is always surprised by how easy this process really is.  After asking lots of questions, including how much she was comfortable spending, and seeing the color palette we were working with, I was able to narrow down the choices quickly.  She selected a fabric from RM Coco and I even had the perfect beaded trim sample in my van, too.

All this was accomplished in about an hour and a half in Paula’s home. Six weeks later, my installer and I showed up to make the magic happen.  It really is that easy and fun!


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July 18, 2015

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